Wood and Metal Office Furniture

Furniture in the office can really make or break the atmosphere provided to the employees.  An office manager can be confronted with the choice of choosing between metal and wood furniture. Some go for earth friendly wood furniture while some gun for the contemporary metal designs, while most go for balance and procure both styles.  We now look into the different factors for choosing between wood and metal

Branding and personal preference is often put into consideration.  Wood can be seen as rich and modern while metal is seen as contemporary.  Wood is usually coated with varnish or any impervious layers of lacquer that adds shine as well as it protects the materials found in the underneath. Most spills don't penetrate this covering as long as a quick cleaning is immediately employed.

Next up is we put into mind the word portability. Can we really move this piece of furniture from one place to another when a monthly or quarterly change comes up? Change is one important factor in the world whether we like it or not. I mean people change, business trends change as well as ideas and it can be expected that offices need changes as well.

Next to consider is safety. In case of fire, metals will contribute less spread to flames than compared to wooden furniture. Meanwhile, as often as we do not see it, everyday ideas of portability is also related to safety. You would not like to have your employees trapped in a fast spreading wild fire during disasters and emergency situations.

And lastly, we need to consider the aesthetic purposes of our furniture designs.  Colors, designs as well as spacing are very important factors that will be the difference among a good from a fantastic atmosphere within the office. Regardless of anyone's preference, the overall furniture should reflect the face and show what your company is all about.

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