Taking The Office Ceiling A Notch Higher

If you want to revamp your office, then changing the boring white ceiling should be taken into consideration

What’s the typical ceiling, you’re wondering. It’s usually a sequence of grids perched overhead, dropped down from the original ceiling. The grids allow panels be dropped in so as to complete the ceiling. Panels can reduce noise and they are normally white in order to reflect light. Therefore, they are monotonous for a reason, but it’s time we brought life to the ceiling.

Most dark wood colors like mahogany or cherry are tad too dark for office use, but lighter shades of maple would do. Such wood-look patterns and colors are featured on panels that have a raised border all around with another square in the center. Simply put, they are much like a square on a square. Panels also come in shiny mirror finishes of gold and silver. The same shades are also in flat surface panels.

Drop-in panels that look like sculptured plaster are even more stunning. Imagine those flamboyant towering ceilings in classic old houses, that have beautiful patterns of rosettes and swirls. Such panels are typically lightweight, insulated and white, but not your usual boring white.

Tin drop-in panels would surely beautify a room, with designs of leaves, diamonds, and swirl. Deep bronze or copper are the go-to color of many, but you may go for other shiny metallic colors like silver.

The 12 X 12 panels have sixteen, four, or only one printed impression per tile. You can paint them, and you can buy strips to somehow wrap the exposed grids in the suspended ceiling. Due to the very light weight of such panels, you must secure a weighted layer in order to hold them in place.  You can overlap old panels onto the new panels to enhance sound-reducing and insulation properties.

Offices are for business purposes, but refurbishing your ceiling is the perfect example of mixing business with pleasure.

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