Reduce Waste, Reuse Parts, Recycle Office Furniture

With the ever developing world nowadays, you can be living in highly industrialized cities where you can only step on concrete roads and look up seeing only towering buildings. And those buildings houses several different kinds of offices. And inside those offices you will find a typical setting such as cubicles of every employee to contain a main table, a side table, a number of cabinets, desks, chairs and everything else vital for their work. Since the society is jumping from one trend to another, these agencies would not dare be left out with what is new and latest. That involves the interior of their offices. It should be as comfortable for the workers to do their job and as interesting so as to attract clients. Now, what happens when all those offices dispose their outdated furniture and make way for new ones. You can just imagine how many tables are being thrown out of the door.

According to the characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in the United States updated in 1996, it is estimated that businesses discarded approximately three million tons of furniture and furnishings in 1995. It was also said that the potential avoided cost of disposal would reach up to $ 100 million. More often than not, companies put away furniture for the reason that it is nothing but old and out of style and not practically because something is wrong with it. Yes, you read that right. A table is replaced not because a foot is broken, or the drawer is messed up. A table is replaced because the front design is so two thousand and late.

However, it is a current campaign to instead of completely throwing the entire thing out, why not reduce the trash, reuse the salvaged parts and recycle a whole new furniture. Refurbishing will take you to redesign old stuff. Remanufacturing will have to have the old ones broken down into several pieces, use the plane parts and have it designed the way you want it to, put them back in together and there you have a whole new furniture.

Style and trends do not require things to be expensive and new all the time. One must only know how to work around on what is available at hand and with the creativity and skill, you can come up with something more elegant and classy than the original ones. Try it on for size.