Q&A: wheres a good place to get a computer desk?

Question by Danger-Zone: wheres a good place to get a computer desk?
What's a good store to get a good quality computer desk for cheap that will hold stuff in draws with or without one of those tall shelves. Something that will obviously hold either a laptop or a desktop so like a place for the desktop computer part in or on the desk. So just tell me or send me links where you got your desk and P.S. I live in Canada so please no American stores, so what desk should I get?

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Answer by George H
Well I'm not sure about Canada...but Bush makes some nice stuff...if you have Staples, or Office Max they would be there too. Any "office furniture" store should have a good selection. We have a place called "furn-a-kit" (similar to Ikea) which is a "kit" of desks you have to assemble. I found plastic "under the counter" draw units...great for files..light weight..on wheels..cheap! at Staples. Since my "office" is a converted closet, I made my own desk to fit the room!

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