Official Effect of the Office

The industry in all of its faces is thriving in competition. The companies and brands work their hardest to be the best in what they do. Their employees work eight hours a day, seven days a week and even extend if the project calls for it. Everything all boils down to the hard work and perseverance of the people working for a certain goal. The very least thing in order to give back to them is to provide a working area that will make them comfortable, at ease and inspired.

This setting may be seen as one very normal thing to do. But behind it all is a study conducted in 1955 by Henry Landsberger. He became famous for his insistent research about office productivity. The result of his study yielded results that prove how office conditions are directly proportional to the amount of quality work produced. To be specific, minute details such as lighting, cleanliness, organization, and floor plan play a huge effect on the performance of the workers. These are obviously all about the surrounding environment but it is actually the aspect that is most likely to be taken for granted. Eventually, a phenomenon called Hawthorne Effect was coined. Aside from the previously mentioned details, even the temperature in a room poses effects on the overall efficiency and profitability. The hot and humid weather would be very uncomfortable as well as to much air conditioning would freeze the people to ice. The trick is to maintain just the right level of temperature to help the employees do their job well.

Moreover, taking care of the office is hitting two birds with one stone. For one, you can make the employees happy and at the same time, attract more prospective clients to your business. The office serves as a proof of success and a sign of the company’s mission. As people enter your door, they should immediately grasp your overall concept just by judging from the office interior.

To set up an office would take for you to spend money. But in the long run, you will get to appreciate the fruits of your expenses. A happy environment can make the employees happy which will take a domino effect towards the clients and the state of the office as a whole.


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