Office Furniture For New Company?

Question by : Office furniture for new company?
I am opening a new Law office with 95 employees and I need new desks, chairs, book cases, file cabinets, etc. everything. Does anyone know where I can buy in bulk? Preferably from a manufacturer!

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Answer by yossk1
Have you checked with furniture liquidators in your area? You can often get very good used office furniture at reasonable prices from them.

As a matter of fact, I am selling my late husband's law office furniture to one. You might be able to check with your state bar association. They may know of any law firms that are shutting down or selling off furniture. I doubt they will give you any names directly, but they might give your name to them.

Congratulations on the large practice, by the way. That is quite an accomplishment. Is it general practice, or a boutique firm?

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