Interior Design and Healthy Office Interiors

It’s not always the physical looks, health should be factored in, too, when dealing with office interiors. It affects the worker’s productivity, mind you. Heed these tips to create or re-design a healthier, comfortable and beautiful office interior.

  • Noise, particularly those from external sources, are very distracting. Isolate noise properly to make employees focus better.
  • Bright interiors pave way for positivity and confidence. Setting a contrast of walls, ceilings and floors with the office furniture helps design an energetic office interior. Studies have shown that working in a bright environment makes one feel less tired.
  • Ergonomic office chairs will aid one in sitting for longer hours sans the back pain. Choose one that can be adjusted, has a great lumbar support and a wide arm rest.
  • Avoid glare from the computer screens by not positioning the desk chair with its back facing the doors or windows.
  • Go for furniture that have smooth edges, and steer clear of the sharper ones.
  • Interior design doesn’t call for so much accessories that they end up looking like clutter. It should be an efficient space with empty room to spare.
  • Lighting should also be considered. Too much light or the wrong tint of artificial lighting can stress the eyes. Go for bluish light instead, they have spectrum that resemble that of the natural day light rather than the traditional yellow lamps.
  • Clean air is always great news. Keep small, but natural, green plants in corners of the office. They produce oxygen and also help maintain the humidity level in office interiors.