How much do INTERIOR GLASS WALLS cost?

Question by kikbax: How much do INTERIOR GLASS WALLS cost?
I am trying to determine the BASIC cost for standard interior glass walls for internal offices. I know different types will cost different prices, but I am just trying to get a basic price range estimate for pre-budgeting. For example, let's say we are building a standard 10'x12′ internal glass wall office. How much would this cost? Or better yet, how much compared to standard dry wall? Thanks!

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Answer by DIY Doc
Well it would be absolutely neccesary to price glass very specific to an office, first of all, and a safety type for liability issues more than anything. Certainly it couldn't be window pane.

You may also not find "Basic" here, but you should connect with local glass suppliers, especially those dealing commercially. 10 x 12 in single sheets or even split to double 4 x 5's would not only be heavy, and special orders, but cost would far outweigh that of drywall. I have no clue by how much, but consider that a sheet of 1/2″, 4 x 8 drywall is about $ 10. You might expect a glass sheet to be more than 100 times that cost.

Steven Wolf

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