How do i turn window into one way Mirror?

Question by tonystream22: How do i turn window into one way Mirror?
I have a retail store i'm about ot open, with an interior window meaning i have a window from the back office facing out to the selling floor, how can i turn it into a 1 way mirror so i can look out from my office but noone can look in, its a large window, aprox. 3'x3'....thanks

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Answer by Buster Hyman
There are a few ways, depending on whats available locally:

One is to use stick on window tinting for cars. put it on the inside, and make sure not to have any lights in your office pointed at the window.

Also, you may be able to find a similar product, but meant for south-facing windows on your home. Its partially silvered and helps reflect UV and sunlight to keep your home cool.

If there are any live-action theatres, or movie studios around, pay a visit and ask to talk to someone who does set construction. you may be able to buy/trade/find out where to buy a ‘filter' or ‘gel' which you could affix to the inside for this effect. Something black but still fairly see-through applied to the inside should work. Anyone who does set construction will probably have a good suggestion from available materials, these guys are masters of illusion, and making do with whats at hand.

A cheaper, but much more unreliable method is to get silver spray paint, and holding the can about 8 inches further from the window than recommended on the can, do a very light coat on the office side of the glass. Repeat until the ‘silvering' is to your liking.

also, 3'x3′ isn't too big, you may be able to find a piece of partially silvered (one-way mirror) glass at a used/recycled glass retailer. These places usually advertise glass for railings around desks and for countertops, bu they often have a good selection of many kinds of frosted, mirror, or silvered glass.

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