How can I make my rooms to look more mature and cool (unique)?

Question by zig: How can I make my rooms to look more mature and cool (unique)?
I love it when I go visit people and they have their house all decorated neat modern and mature looking. I am 40 single male living on one single family home. I try to keep house inside and out side simple and clean look. I like the decoration of some nice apartment leasing office interiors or nice hotels. They do not have much, but nice hanging pictured walls and furniture around that goes well with their room. My rooms are not messy, but rather well organized, yet I just cant not seems to put it all together. Any tips on interior decorating? (I would not like the idea of hiring an interior decorator, I would like to learn to do it myself at minim cost / minimum living style).

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Answer by doodler

Try painting your main room a light creme colour (but not white) with the wall opposite the main windows a dark chocolate brown. Get a sofa cover (or a new sofa) in a dark blacky brown colour, line that main sofa parallel to the feature wall… With your other seats, get them a sandy white/creme colour somehow and line them up so everything in square and straight. Get a big, dark wooden coffee table (big big) and slap it in the middle. Get a matching smaller table to put next to the sofa or chairs… Keep one of your existing table lights, but get a massive round, silver or glitzy or shiny sort of lamp shade and put that on the smaller table… Get a big vase or big glass bowl and put it in the middle of the big table. Do dark curtains or blinds, dark rug or carpet and small bits and bobs to go around the room that are shiny, metalic and useless… Try to keep the rest of the furniture dark and as low as possible. For pictures, go with very simple prints or posters in simple dark wooden frames, one big one of that feature wall is always really nice.

As for the rest of the house, keep it simple, keep it very plain and introduce colour or glamour in the accessories. Keep it low… Hope this helps!

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