Help! I need design advice for my home office.

Question by On a cloudy day: Help! I need design advice for my home office.
Okay, so i have a really boring cluttered home office and i really need help. It has white walls (blech) and a lot of black and dark cherry wood furniture. I really would like to keep with the cherry wood.

Unfortunately i have a bland, uncomfortable futon (blue "mattress" with black "supports") that i can't get rid of. I also cannot get rid of the large map of town and the large high school class pictures displayed on the wall. (though i would appreciate some help on how to display them, right now its pretty much one, then below, another...)

Anyone have any ideas for wall color ( i REALLY need help with that) and what i can do about the futon and what i should do about the wall displays and etc?

Right now my home office is very cold, bland and unattractive-looking. I really want to soften it up while keeping the pieces i already have (2 end tables, 2 desks, a book shelf, all in dark cherry wood. Also the futon, though it seriously needs help).

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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Answer by Honk if you're Amish
Get a dark brown futon COVER for the futon, paint the walls crimson, get some vanilla votive and candles and put them in brushed metal, tall holders. Have fun!

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