Feature Walls?

Question by suhaila s: Feature Walls?
The function of feature walls? What are the elements to be recognized?
For example, office lobby. Is it just for aesthetic value or for the first impression for the whole office image? And another example for residential, is it to create the focal point or enhance the ambiance of the interior space especially for the user of the space?

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Answer by The ReDesign Diva
Well, feature walls, whether in residential or commercial spaces have basically the same meaning. They are basically used a lot in commercial design and they work well, they create focal points in work spaces which could often be dreary, they designate areas for the public and staff and they are fun. You expect drama and movement in these areas.

In days gone by, most feature walls were painted a different color, to accent the wall. Nowadays, they are covered more and more in wallpaper, as wallpaper is making a big comeback. They are also often textured.

Mainly, a feature wall is a focal point of a room and can be a wall that is there for a reason (like separating a room) or just there as a focal point (such as a wall built behind a reception desk).

Hope this helps.

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