Custom Interior Office Doors

Custom interior doors can give oomph to your office. It adds certain flair to your office environment. When prospective customers walk into your office, it’s the first thing they might actually see. That said, wouldn’t it be great to impress them with every chance you get? You can start with the door. In having your door customized, there is an array of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Standard interior doors: Standard interior doors are the most basic format. They are mounted on hinges to one side of an opening. Standard interior doors are able to swing back and forth and they may have an interior doorknob that you could lock from the inside. These doors are typically composed of wood (hollow or solid) and you can have them stained, primed or painted in different colors.

Bypass doors: Bypass doors are more popular as sliding doors. Such doors feature two or more sections that would slide past each other and overlap easily. Bypass doors are a perfect choice for closets because of the convenience of opening either side with more convenience. They are also great in small spaces like the bathroom.

Luan doors: Luan doors are mounted from a track. On such track, the two doors are able to slide from one behind the other one. Such doors are ideal for closets. They are also perfect for other small rooms in which you don't want to use up additional space in the room.

Pocket Doors: Pocket doors have gained so much popularity because of their unique design. Pocket doors would slide away from the opening and into your wall. They let space be fully accessible sans having any extra space. Pocket doors are perfect for boardrooms, lunchrooms and any certain space in which you want it to look larger.

Folding Doors: Folding doors also have an amazing unique structure. Such doors are a good choice for covering a huge space in which a door like a standard interior door would not fit properly. Such doors operate through folding in sections. Folding doors have the features of a hinged door and sliding door rolled into one.