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We have all been fond of our office furniture haven’t we? With modern furniture designs available in all parts of the world, Internet is one medium to choose the best designs at competitive prices and that too at a store near your location. Below we summarize some tips to help you choose the best office furniture designs for your corporate as well as home offices:

Generally, while we are searching, we just type in our keywords and start browsing the links/images which appear in the results. But here is the catch: most of the searches we do without specifying a location with the keywords, we end up wasting our time. Let me take an example of office furniture. Now people go to Google and type “office furniture” and start browsing the websites. They spend a lot of time finalizing the design of their office furniture but when they decide to contact the seller for the price quotes and delivery time, they generally end up realizing that the office furniture website from which they had selected the furniture design, belongs to a different country and the seller cannot export to a their country. The simple solution to this problem would have been, assuming that the buyer resides in India, to search for the keyword “office furniture India” or “office furniture in India” instead of the keyword “office furniture” because when the buyer searched for “office furniture”, sites from different countries showed up, which might have had good designs which were not available in India but they were of no use.

The second advantage of using a location such as India or Delhi (if the buyers reside in Delhi) is that, in case it suits the buyers, they can go and checkout their furniture designs and maybe get a better design which has recently become popular but is not their on the website. In this way, the buyers also get convinced that whatever stuff they are buying is authentic and trusted as well.

There are a lot of things which people generally don’t buy online. This may also vary from country to country. For example, people generally in India don’t buy Office Furniture online. In most of the cases, they would want to see and verify the quality of the office furniture once they have finalized the design and chosen a furniture seller online. I think this is perfectly fine. There is no harm in visiting the seller’s place and checking out the furniture before buying it. There is something else which comes prior to buying but after finalizing the design and the seller. Yes, that is the price of the office furniture. There are some website which list the price of their products online only but there are a lot of sites which don’t. Not listing the price doesn’t mean that they don’t offer those designs or they are not manufacturing them any more. It, in fact is an indication that may be they are open to negotiations once they get contacted by the buyers through email or phone. It is highly recommended, once you have finalized your furniture design, to contact at least 5 different sellers in your area, through email, contact form on the website or simply by calling them over phone, to ask about the pricing of the products and some special discount or offers which are available for the season. This will help you get an idea of the market price of your product and you can then decide for yourself whether it suits your budget or not.


Alright, this is the last one. Now that you have decided your furniture design and have also got a good bargain or a bulk discount on the products by negotiating a deal with the furniture seller on phone, it is the time to take the final step for verification of the quality of the products and the reputation of the furniture seller. After finalizing the deal, the furniture seller will definitely ask for an advance payment for manufacturing the products (if already not in store). I would personally recommend that you must now visit the furniture seller’s store and see for yourself where your office furniture products will be coming from and what will be their quality. Also, there is a sense of satisfaction when you see the actual stuff, you purchase, being made in front of your eyes with a good quality seal.

In case, you are in a different city that your furniture seller’s, you can invite the seller to your city with a sample of the product that you ordered. Of course this will involve you paying some advance amount or travelling allowance to the seller but try and create a win-win situation for both parties.

I hope these three tips will help you choose the best office furniture online for your corporate office and home needs. For all your online office furniture needs, please visit



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