Any suggestions on how to build a curved wall?

Question by Dreamlander: Any suggestions on how to build a curved wall?
I am in process of building a home office and have decided to implement a curved wall to the front, interior area. The radius of the wall seems almost impossible to build because the 2X4's do not bend to that arc. My first thought was to cut the 2X4's and place them as such that they form an arc and then make the actual wall from paneling but I still think I will end up with more of a hexagon look that way.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Answer by Richard E
Frame wall with 2x4s as close to radius as possible (your first thought) depending on radius you may want to space studs as close as 12” apart. You can achieve radius in floor and top plates by dividing radius into equal degrees and cutting angles to match. Then, attach 1×4 horizontally across studs at 2′ spacing starting at base of wall. 1x4s will bend to curvature and give solid backing for sheet rock or paneling. If 1x4s do not give desired radius use 1/2” thick plywood strips if using sheet rock use 3/8” thick sheets and install 8′ length on horizontal.

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