Where should I buy bedroom and office furniture?

Question by U: Where should I buy bedroom and office furniture?
i am leaning towards either ikea or west elm...i like the type/style of furniture they sell...and both are within my price range...what other options do i have if i want to stick to this price range and this type of furniture?

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Answer by Jayde n
I furnished my entire living room, bedroom, and kitchen area with name brand, good condition, used furniture for just over $ 700. What a discount! It's private owner transactions, you should view and check items thoroughly before purchase. There are usually two types of sellers, sellers who WANT to sell because they are upgrading, and sellers who NEED to sell because they are moving. The moving sellers offer the best qualities and prices are usually low enough to make you forget about IKEA. Only downside to this is that more often than not (unless the people offer delivery) you would have to pick the items up yourself.

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