Massive re-organizing underway. Question: What to KEEP vs what to HEAVE?

tuesday Asked: Massive re-organizing underway. Question: What to KEEP vs what to HEAVE?

I hate my office. It's ugly and would require a great deal of money, time and energy to paint, replace carpet, and buy decent office furniture.
Hanging on to impractical, hideous, old stuff that either doesn't work, or means a project isn't the way I want to live my life!
Example: ugly, old, cheap IKEA tabletop desk. Top's bubbled from cleaning it. Looks and is gross. Files and papers in BINS, vs File cabinet. Can't access anything, and end up giving up. Office microwave and coffeepot are old and gross. (to name a few)
Replacing any/all is too expensive. New is out of the question. Even Thrift store items aren't cheap. Thrift stores are asking $50 and up for an old file cabinet, and $100 or more for a used, beat up desk. Same goes for Thrift store microwave and it would be bringing in old, crummy items that other people donated because they didn't, MORE JUNK!
At this point I'd rather sit on the floor, with papers and files piled next to me that have to look at all this ugliness.
If it can't be replaced right now, is it insane to just toss it all, anyway?!
I don't have clients come to the Office..EVER..because it's so awful. I go to them. Working in an environment you HATE, that makes you sick just being there is NUTS!
Would chucking it all be ‘Biting off my nose to spite my face'..?


Luciamaria Ridge Answered:
"When in doubt, throw it out!" is a pretty good motto for organizing.Try washing your microwave and coffeepot with something gentle. Also, decorating helps! Just get the junk out of that office and hang some paper streamers and balloons around it. Make it look like a birthday party.

Cross that! Paint optical illusions on the wall!

wardrobebycj Answered:
You sound frustrated.I support you in your desire to clean up your space, and am a BIG advocate for space clearing to open up new energy. First get rid of anything that is REAL trash, dump (shred?) old files to ease up the number of file boxes. If you still need the old desk top, can you cover it with a tablecloth to make it look nicer? Just today Target is advertising a microwave for $39 and storage bins rather cheap (back to school). Clear judiciously at first with the intention of bringing in more clientele that will increase business so you can afford new things. As you get things more in order you will be inspired to carry on and create even more order.

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