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Many of these difficulties may be solved very easily simply by choosing the correct furniture and by making some changes to the arrangement the furniture in the home office. This will allow you to have an efficient home office at very little cost.

As a first step you should draw the available office space to scale on graph paper. Using a tape measure find the distance of each wall in the home office. Transfer each of those measurements to the graph paper to make a paper representation of your office. This scale drawing will save many headaches of moving heavy furniture from one spot to another.

In addition, you will need to include the location of light switches, electrical outlets, doors and windows, and heating vents. Be sure to note on the drawing walls that are cut by windows or doors, as furniture may not be able to be placed in these locations.

Take another sheet of graph paper to make scale models of the furniture that is to go into the room. Furniture models can be colored with colored pencils, cut out and labeled. These pieces of paper are much easier to move around to manage the furniture arranging than moving of actual furniture.

Be sure that you take into account the lighting available in the home office. Natural lighting can be an asset if properly used, however can cause glare on computer monitors and is sometimes too bright for reading. Make use of artificial light as needed by placing lamps in strategic places.

When items are used frequently, they should be easily accessible. Printers and faxes, file cabinets and bookcases all need ready access. A lack of access to these items can be a constant source of frustration. A quick way to make additional space is to sore infrequently used items in other places than the office.

Arrange furniture so that it is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Use appropriate pictures to bring balance to the room.

When using a roller office chair, be sure to leave enough room so that you are not constantly hitting other furniture with the chair.

Try to make a small conference area in which you will meet with clients. Usually a couple of chairs and small table is sufficient.

Keep your office clutter free with shelving and storage areas. Make the items you use the most the most accessible.

If you find it necessary to buy new home office furniture, choose furniture that is ergonomically correct for you. This will help to provide back support as well as prevent problems such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

If you are among the lucky who are allowed to telecommute, then you should arrange your office in such a way as to make your work as efficient as possible. The whole reason you want to work at home is to spend more time with your family. If your office is inefficiently organized, you may spend even more time working than before you left the office.